Does The VEMA Awards require all entrants to agree to purchase a statuette if they win like some other competitions do?
No. Unlike many award programs, VEMA prefers to give the award winners the opportunity to determine for themselves how best to showcase their accomplishments. Winners can purchase as many or as few statuettes or duplicate commemorative certificates as they wish from our online store.

How much does each stautette cost?
Only VEMA Award winners will be allowed to purchase commemorative statuettes from the VEMA online store.

Each statuette costs $145.00. Free shipping within the continental United States.

Add $32.00 for shipping & handling to Canada/AK/HI/Mexico

For Off-Continent/International shipping, we use USPS (United States Postal Service). To get rates, please email us with what you wish to order.

Most award programs offer multi-level winning: gold, silver, or bronze. Why does the VEMA Awards only offer one level of award winning?
Taking nothing away from other prestigious award programs, we simply believe that excellence in the multimedia arts is best represented with a single standard of achievement, not levels.

Do I have to register before I can enter my work?
Though registration is a required part of the entry process, we have constructed a minimal step online process for you to enter your work as efficiently as possible.

In what category should I enter my piece?
Please review the available categories and enter into the single or multiple categories that you feel are most appropriate for your work. It is common for an entrant to submit a single work into more than one category.

How many winners are there per category?
Entries are evaluated individually and do not compete against each other. Therefore, there can be several winners in a specific category or there may be none.

Can I enter the same piece in several different categories?
YES. You may enter a work in as many categories as are appropriate for each entry, and your entry will be judged separately for each category entered. Please note that the entry fee is due for each category entered.

Who are the judges?
The VEMA Awards is sanctioned and judged by the VEMA Arts & Standards Council, an invitation-only body consisting of a distinguished group of highly skilled professionals with expertise, leadership and vision in the various disciplines within the multimedia arts.

Can I get judges’ comments about my piece?
Currently we do not release individual judges’ scores for entries. There are simply too many entries to be able to provide targeted feedback for each entry.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We offer three convenient forms of payment. During the entry submission process you can choose to submit payment via PayPal, email invoice, or offline credit card.

Payment via PayPal does not require a PayPal account. Your entries will be considered active and available for judging immediately following sucessful payment processing.
Invoice via email option allows you to submit your entries while postponing payment. The VEMA Awards Processing Team will send an electronic invoice to your email address within two (2) business days of entry registration. The invoice must be paid in full by the May 18, 2012 deadline. After payment is received your entry status will be shifted from “Pending” to “Active” and your work will be eligible for judging.
The offline credit card option requires you to provide credit card information during the registration process (all information sent is encrypted and your credit card information will not be saved to your account). We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. The VEMA Awards Processing Team will process your payment within two (2) business days. After successful payment processing you will recieve a confirmation email and your entry status will be set to “Active” and eligible for judging.
How can I get award statuettes?
All VEMA Award winners will be notified that they have been chosen as winners. They will receive a winner’s package containing a commemorative certificate and appropriate instructions for purchasing the VEMA Award statuette. Each winner is able to order as many statuettes and duplicate certificates as they would like for clients, team members or anyone else who participated in the creation of the winning piece. Only VEMA winners are able to make purchases through the VEMA store. If a client wishes to order duplicate awards they must order through the entering company.

How long does it take to get my awards?
Each VEMA Award statuette is custom produced. Typically, statuettes and certificates will be shipped to you approximately four weeks from the date that we receive your order. Statuettes and certificates will be shipped separately.